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An exact process for achieving your goals and creating a fulfilled life.

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You should REALLY watch the video above, but in case you don't, here's what you need to know:

* This is a course on attaining goal success; how to set goals that you (actually) achieve and do so in a way that creates fulfillment in your life.

* It covers EVERYTHING you need. How to:

  • Recognize what fulfillment looks like for you
  • Set goals in an organized, deliberate way
  • Plan out your days and weeks in detail (something that no one does, but is incredibly powerful)
  • Avoid the classic obstacles that everyone encounters while putting in the work
  • Plus, seriously, so much more

* This course is my exact process that I use to achieve my (many, many, many) goals and if you scroll down, you can see the slews of people it has helped as well. This course works!

* Plus, when you buy now I will send you a discount code that you can use to gift the course to a friend for free (to hold each other accountable)!

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What people are saying about the course...

"I have to be honest, I was hesitant to sign up, as I sometimes find these courses kinda corny or not very helpful, and I keep my expectations low, I guess as a way to not be disappointed. I usually judge Professional Development as useful if I can at least get one worthwhile takeaway.

This course has already been worth the registration cost.

Your goal about purposely spending time with your daughter, making a date out of it, really caught my attention.

I have three daughters and I've already asked them to pick a date and an activity for one on one time. We spend lots of time hanging on weekends and in the evenings, but I love the idea of setting a time, with purpose and intention, a date!

This was my one big takeaway so far, and it's genius."

- David G.

"I thought this was an awesome course... everything you brought to the table was unique and was intuitive to apply in every day. You were very energetic throughout - it felt like I was listening to a friend than someone who is very commercial...

(The) welcome video - I thought this was a really friendly and encouraging way to start off!

I liked the 2 types of goals - it reminded me a bit of James Clear's work and thinking about goals in a different way than the linear, structured frameworks we have been used to in the past.

I love the fulfillment doc portion! Very actionable and really great to follow along and reflect. Appreciate the template being provided

I think the concept of not allowing the goals to conflict with each other is something we rarely hear but is so important - it adds a realistic element that I really appreciated.

I have huge issues with burnout - a rapid sense of excitement and then a rapid crash before my goal pretty much dies. So the sustainability part of the course is really valuable to me! Great job on that.

I love 'Keep it to yourself until you buy the ticket.' This is something that I have learned over the years as well - it's an idea that's so close to me that I never thought other people followed this idea as well. Whether to avoid shame, or jealously, or any other friction, I've always been interested in finding the 'right' time to share something that I'm really excited about. This is so much harder today with social media, but having some of that secrecy and doing this for yourself is powerful.

'In the unlikely event of force majeure' was an awesome concept to address, so thanks for that."

- Anu S.

"I’m approximately half way through the course I think. I just finished learning about the pitfalls of goal setting, those things that can totally derail the best laid plans.

That was an excellent bit of information for me. It’s good to know that it’s ok to start slow and that if adjustments need to be made that’s ok too. (It’s nice to know perfect isn’t required!)

I think one of my favorite things in general is that you recommend really taking time with the entire process. Not just in the goal setting steps themselves, but in learning from your course as well. It’s great to be told that we don’t have to nail these concepts on day one. We can take our time and learn at the speed appropriate for our own needs and schedules. It’s very comfortable because it’s not rushed.

I’m very much looking forward to the next segment of the course and excited about what I’ll learn.

Thanks again Corey for this opportunity."

- Jessi L.

"Corey's course about achieving goals is giving me a tangible place to start planning and achieving my goals. I've already started with a few and I'm not even done the course yet. So far he is delivering good advice and showing authenticity in the process. More to come!"

- Evan E.

"I like how the course is layed out. The fact that it allows one to complete the sessions at their convenience is so helpful. My weakness has been committing to something then falling off the wagon. But the fact that you've encouraged us to do it at our pace gives me freedom to work on other things while completing the course.

I like the background you've provided on what a goal is - this shows that you took time to plan the course throughly. It promotes deep learning rather than surface learning."

- Thabile Z.

"All of your videos are clear and the fulfillment doc was really helpful in exploring what kinds of goals I personally want to make.

Already your course is helping me change my mindset and my life for the better."

- Aspyn S.

"Corey presents an understandable, down-to-earth course that navigates between the 'just do it' and 'here are 10 studies on why you should do it this way.'

By sharing his personal experiences, rather than just studies and 'someone's' experience, the techniques he suggests are so much more accessible."

- Jesse B.

"The course makes me feel brave, effective. Like it was all I needed (for goal success). I'm enjoying the course and appreciate everything you're doing. Thank you so much!"

- Dîdar K.

*Slightly edited for clarity

"I like that each video is not over-filled with information. There’s enough in each to take in and really think about it. But the best part, that made me feel really positive, was something I hadn’t found in other goal-setting courses: the idea that goals are for fulfillment, for helping to make your life really meaningful for you (how else to stay motivated?!).

That is precisely the huge idea that was missing when I tried goal-setting courses and books in the past. I would set goals that seemed good but to what end actually? And so those goals would fall by the wayside. I have always been someone who needs to feel something for how I fill most of my days & that has got so far away from me that the idea of goals has taken on a blurry, negative feel.

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to work through it in all it’s newness."

- Lee-Ann C.

"As a person who struggles with setting goals, this course seems to give a good direction on how to approach it. I really like the way you explain each and every topic.

Overall, quite good so far."

- Anirudh C.

"If you want to learn about how to set actionable goals Corey's The Definitive Goal Success Course is the course to take. If you need support achieving those goals Corey can help."

- Pradip K.

"You come across as humble and very relatable. So far your course is great! 👍😊"

- Elisabeth W.

"I love it! I’m taking your advice and doing one or two sessions a day so that I can think on the information and be ready to interpret and move forward the next day. I love your enthusiasm! Looking forward to today’s lesson!"

- Debbie F.

"Overall: Very good and well presented. Good pace, good intonation, very natural and also setting is good (nice background and all in same color/style)...

Very good to have key text elements popping up. It reinforces your message, esp. as you only use this technique occasionally...

I like your view on 2 types of goals: habits vs achievement. Very good...

Well done!"

- William P.

"Thank you for the course. It's high quality and really helpful."

- Rita C.

*Slightly edited for clarity

"You come across well - friendly, reassuring and knowledgable. I like that you’re not selling yourself as someone that knows it all, but rather sharing your experience and learning to date. That feels very authentic.

... You’re taking the time to set up the concepts, vocabulary etc. to minimise the potential for misunderstandings later. I also really like the fact that you share examples...

One of the things I found most useful about this course was the structure. The requirement to reflect on what fulfillment looked like to me before setting my goals was immensely powerful. I feel that I've got a much better sense of what's important to me. I have deliberately started with very few goals. But I genuinely feel that I am focusing on things that are making a difference to my life.

Thank you"

- Clare E.

"35% only so far, but I have to say that you did really good work.

I had a valuous time creating my fulfillment life document, so I have big expectations for this course."

- Carles P.

"So far so good; really pleased you spend time going over the fundamentals - the distinction between habit and achievement goals is useful...

I really like the way over the first module we get to know you - you come over really well."

- Sarah R.

"We really enjoyed the course, especially the module about planning the goals.

Many courses provide definitions and general information but this course is different. Corey has offered a lot of practical tips, insight and tactics which anyone could apply and benefit from.

The one thing that we loved the most in this course and would surely apply in our life is this: we should try to ease out of our comfort zone gradually instead of trying to make groundbreaking transformation in the initial steps.

We think this course is a worthy investment if you want to know and learn how to plan your goals, the backend work to achieve them and then maintaining the momentum of accomplishing your goals one after the other.

We highly appreciate the production quality of the video and audio. This makes the course super professional and enjoyable too.

Thanks Corey for making this massive resource filled with lots of practical tips, strategies and tactics to set goals and actually accomplish them."

- Vishal S. J. & Shubhi S.

"This course gave me a lot of insight into how I should be thinking about my goals and how I can implement them in a practical and realistic way!

I loved the specific examples he gave throughout the course and the demos he showed.

Definitely made it a lot easier to break down my goals into actionable steps."

- Dina L.

"What a motivating course! I have never been one to sit down and think through goals, but this course opened my eyes to the importance of taking time to really think of my goals and the ways in which I can achieve them.

This course isn’t just for goal setting - it’s also for thinking through how to make your life more fulfilled, how to make the most of your time, and how to constantly grow and learn along the way.

Would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants a positive life change."

- Brittany F.

"I love this course. It has helped me so much. I am super busy and this has helped me set goals. You come across very nicely... There are other videos where people just talk and don’t show any emotion.

I love this (course) and recommend it to everyone."

- Darla Q.

*Slightly edited for clarity

"I'm diggin' it!"

- Daniel P.

"I love the concept of having control over your goals because I have been setting goals that I don't have much control over and end up being upset and stressed if I do not hit it.

I will need to focus on my actions eg: How many calls I should be doing per day and follow it through. Once I do follow it through, then I will reflect and push myself more.

I really like the format and how you keep reassuring that you should go at your own pace."

- Victor W.

“I am loving the course so far - seriously. I am taking it slow cause I tend to just do a course in one day and forget about it, and I didn't want that to be the case this time around since goal setting is something I want to really implement.

I've already filled 10 pages of a notebook with notes!

A few things so far have really stood out to me! When you talk about the 2 different categories for goals, habits and achievements, that really stuck out to me. Like a serious lightbulb moment.

The fulfilled life doc has also been a really cool idea. Any other goal setting systems I've always felt kind of boxed into their categories (i.e. health, finances, marriage, recreation, work), but I liked the concept of adjusting the fulfilled life doc to be something that works for me.

I'm really looking forward to continuing forward in the course!”

- Jessica Z.

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Once you enroll, you can access it for as long as you like. Just like buying a book.
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Upon enrolling, you can start the course immediately. It is a completely self-paced online course.
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